WUC in Uppsala - closing ceremony

The closing ceremony started with Stefan Bergh, FISU Vice President and President of the WUC Uppsala Organizing Committee, holding a speech thanking all teams for participating and for some good games where the teams showed good atmosphere and good sportsmanship.

Bergh also thanked all organizations behind the event and all the volunteers. The ceremony continued with handing out the awards to all teams. It ended with the organizing committee submitting the hosting to Mexico that will arrange the next World University Championship in 2016.

We asked Stefan Bergh for a comment on the tournament and he said that he’s very pleased with the tournament and that we have had eleven wonderful days. It is always an adventure to arrange the first edition; it is always some questions that have to be solved the first time, these problems may not exist the next time.
- I think we have solved all problems well and I am very proud of all 150 volunteers. We have five satisfied teams and a very great feeling, Bergh says.

Paulo Ferreira, WUC Director, started with congratulating the winning team. He thinks Mexico did a very good tournament. At the same time he congratulated the organizing committee to a very, very good job.
- Maybe in ten years’ time we will look back and see this as the very first event so we’ll look back and have very fun memories. All teams that have been here have done an excellent job and they have come far and have done an excellent effort to be here, so everyone should be congratulated in that sense, he says.

Individual awards of the WUC
MVP Offense: Alejandro Garcia Blancas, QB, Mexico
MVP Defense: Mauricio Salazar Cavazos, LB, Mexico

By: Jenny Axelsson