Conquistador Bowl January 26th - January 31st, 2015

A great opportunity for players who participated during the WUC 2014. Two players will be elected and their names will be revealed later this year.

This distinctive football event will offer a unique opportunity to all involved. The week-long event will showcase draft eligible players from the United States in 1AA and lower divisions, Canada, Japan and Mexico as they participate in a series of professionally run practices which will conclude in the Conquistador Bowl game which will see Team Chechen battle Team Checa. This will provide the players with the opportunity to showcase and demonstrate their skills before the watchful eyes of professional team scouts and personnel from all major football leagues including NFL, CFL and AFL.

In the end the Conquistador Bowl will provide a unique environment for the all the players while offering a unique opportunity for local players from Mexico.

- It´s a fascinating thought that we might have had future NFL-stars in Uppsala during the world championship, says WUC2014 project manager Martin Söderberg.

- Let´s hope the two players who get the chance to go to Cancun will impress the NFL-scouts who are there to see them play. And hopefully players will be picked to the Conquistador Bowl also in future championships.

Read all about it in the enclosed pdf-file.