The Swedish University Sports Federation will host the 1st FISU World University American Football Championship May 1st to May 11th 2014 in Uppsala, Sweden.

The championship will be held with five men’s teams playing according to the IFAF rules. The maximum number of athletes in each team is 68.

Uppsala is the fourth largest city in Sweden. The city has retained its small-town charm while offering the opportunities and attractions of a big city. Uppsala has two universities. Founded in 1477, the Uppsala University is the oldest centre of higher education in Scandinavia and much of Northern Europe.

Uppsala is located 70 kilometers north of Stockholm and is closely linked to the world via the international airport of Arlanda, only 18 minutes by direct train. Please find some more facts about Uppsala below.

- Current population: 205.466

- Number of universitites: 2

- Number of students: 45.000

- Size: 2183 sq.kms

- Altitude: 21 m.

Climate during the tournament:

Temperature – day: average 14, maximum 22, minimum 11

Temperature – night: average 5, maximum 9, minimum -3

Humidity: average 60 %, maximum 75 %, minimum 45 %

Precipitation: average 25 mm during May

Wind: average maximum velocity 5 m/s

Source: NOAA and SMHI


American football has grown rapidly within university sports in Sweden for the last couple of years. We also have a very strong co-operation with the university town of Uppsala with a determination to regularly attract international university championships to Uppsala. Members of this long-term strategy work are Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala municipality and Fyrishov Arena.


We also have the support from the Swedish Federation of American Football and a good co-operation with the local club Uppsala 86ers, who has a solid experience of arranging competitions, including the Swedish national championships.


On 6 April 2013, the first ever international student competition in American football was played in Uppsala. Great Britain beat Sweden. The game was organized by Uppsala 86ers.


Sweden is a parliamentary democracy with four levels: national, county, municipality and the international level. At all Swedish levels the political representatives are elected through proportional elections by party lists for four years. In 2014 there will be both a European Parliament election (June) and a general election (September).

The Swedish Parliament and the European Union enact the laws of the country. The County Council is primarily responsible for health care and regional public transportation. Municipalities are responsible for a large proportion of local services, including schools, emergency services and physical planning.

Our tournament is supported by Uppsala municipality as well as Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppland’s Sport Confederation and the Swedish American Football Federation.


There are no laws, customs or regulations in Uppsala or Sweden that would limit, restrict or interfere with the organisation of the championship. Similar entry and treatment will be accorded to teams and individuals from all countries entitled to enter the championship.


The Swedish Sports Confederation, which is responsible for the doping controls in Sweden, is certified according to the WADA standard as well as ISO 9001:2008. The certification includes the controls as well as the regulations and the anti doping organization.

The organising committee will be chaired by the Swedish University Sports Federation and consist of members from Uppsala University, the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppland’s Sport Confederation, the Swedish American Football Federation and Uppsala 86ers.


A valid passport entitles EU and North American citizens to a three-month stay in Sweden. Citizens of other countries should check with a Swedish diplomatic representative in their home country.

The Schengen Agreement

Sweden is part of the Schengen Agreement, an agreement on unrestricted travel for persons in Europe. This co-operation only regulates the control of persons as travellers, and does not affect EU regulations for the free transport of goods, services and capital.

Travel in the Schengen area is equivalent to domestic travel in terms of the control of persons. You therefore do not need to show your passport when travelling between the Schengen countries, but you still need to bring your passport since you need to be able to confirm your nationality in various circumstances when visiting another Schengen country.

Travellers to or from the Schengen area will go through a personal control, both on arrival and departure. Identity will be checked, as well as the validity of the passport.

Travellers will also be checked in relation to a joint police register (Schengen Information System). If you are travelling to another Schengen country everything will be more or less the same. You can find more information about Schengen at Swedavia website:



A valid EU passport entitles you to a three-month stay in Sweden.


For information on which nationalities that need visa, please see the following page from the Swedish government:

For further details on visa regulations and information please contact your nearest Embassy or Consulate of Sweden, or the consular department of the Foreign Ministry of Sweden,

Phone: +46 8 405 10 00 Fax: + 46 8 723 11 76

Web-site: www.swedenabroad.com

Please contact the OC for invitation letters: info@uppsala2014.com.

Custom regulations

Information on Customs requirements is available from Swedish Customs website:www.tullverket.se/en


Medicines may be taken in if intended for the traveler’s own use. Narcotics used as medication may be taken in if intended for personal use for not more than five days, three weeks or three months depending on listing. Travelers must have a medical certificate to prove that they need them.

Import restrictions

Restrictions apply to the following: narcotics, injection syringes, drugs, arms and ammunition, knives and similar weapons (for example stiletto blades), some animalfood items and live animals, including birds, fish and reptiles. As from 3 July 2004 there are new rules with regard to import of pets. Dogs, cats and ferrets travelling within or re-entering the EU now require a passport.

No vaccination measures are required to enter Sweden.


All participants must make sure to have a personal international health insurance: the travel health insurance policy covers the costs of outpatient and inpatient medical treatment and medically necessary return transport to the insured person’s home country.

The OC shall contract, at its cost, an appropriate general liability insurance covering the risks of any liability or damages arising out of the organization of the WUC.


The Championship will be financed mostly by participation fees and through public funding, but also through ticket revenues since American Football has a large and devoted fan club in Sweden.

The participation fee for athletes and officials will be 60 Euro per day and person.


The Championship will be financed mostly by participation fees and through public funding, but also through ticket revenues since American Football has a large and devoted fan club in Sweden.

The participation fee for athletes and officials will be 60 Euro per day and person.


Uppsala has a long history of organising American football events. The first final of the National Championship was played in Uppsala as early as 1986.

In recent years, 2011 and 2012, the National Championship Final has been staged in Uppsala.

April 6th 2013, the inaugural official Student International game was played in Uppsala with Sweden hosting Great Britain. GB won by 41 - 21.

Uppsala has a very well organised marketing project called “City of Championships” http://www.tavlingsstaden.se/ that covers a lot of national and international events hosted in Uppsala.

Here is a shortlist of events hosted in Uppsala during 2013:

-          World Championship in Iceracing

-          Swimming Grand Prix

-          Skandisloppet (Bicycle)

-          Swedish Championship in Curling

-          European Student Championship in Badminton

-          Swedish Championship in Rally

-          Swedish Championship in Sailing

-          Swedish Championship in Gliding


In the past there has been numerous World- and European Championship in different sports.


Uppsala has a very well organised bus transport system. But to enhance the capacity to transport athletes from and to the hotels there will be extra buses during the Championship. Chartered buses will also be provided for practices and games.

The main international airport in Sweden, Arlanda, is located 45 km southwest of Uppsala following the freeway E4.

There is also a train station less than 15 minutes walking distance to all hotels and Arenas.

Going to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, takes 45 minutes.

All athletes will be transported from the Airport to Uppsala with chartered buses. 
The members of CISCA will be provided with cars according to the FISU Minimum Requirements.


We will guarantee that medical care and doping controls will be according to the FISU medical Regulations and FISU Minimum Requirements.

Österängen will have on-site physicians (doctors and nurses) during every game.

Uppsala University Hospital, will provide that service in cooperation with the organisers.

The doping controls following the FISU Regulations and WADA Code, will be managed by the Swedish Sports Confederation (RF) and the laboratory used will be at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge, Sweden.

The main hospital in Uppsala is Uppsala University Hospital. It is located in the central of Uppsala and less than 10 minutes from Österängen and Löten.

Akademiska has all the medical care needed for the Championship.


Equipment for radio communication during games must be provided by the participating teams themselves.
There are restrictions concerning what frequences can be used without the authorities approval.

To make sure your radiosystem is legal you have to provide the LOC with the frequency intervall (MHz) used and the maximum power (W) used.

Mail to: martin.soderberg@uppsala2014.com


There will be a risk analysis made in cooperation with the local police authorities.

Each hotel has its own security setup and if needed that will be enhanced.

Österängen will have on-site guards during the games.

The local police will manage traffic control during the main events.


History meets future. Uppsala is a town where the history meets the future. The University is the oldest in Scandinavia, and combines its ancient history and traditions with innovating world class research. Our championship will embrace the same values by building on the town’s long tradition of hosting sports events and using this knowledge to introduce a new sport on the FISU program, a sport that has its roots and breeding ground within universities and colleges and is rapidly growing worldwide.